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    What should and should not wear leggings

    Flattering leggings extremely comfortable, if you know how coordination will be stylish fashion items. In fall and winter, you can wear leggings with a sweater vest, blazer long design ...

    Leggings like long stockings style but does not cover the foot, hugging the body from the waist down to the ankle or ankles. When worn correctly, leggings look chic elegance. But when wearing improper, leggings look frumpy and ugly. Remember not to wear leggings with what is beautiful and who is beautiful because they are easy to wear revealing excess meat and bone parts, can make you look fatter or thinner Bangladesh go. Find out how to wear leggings to present fashion style and aesthetic taste.

    Do: Choose pants with leather or suede in the fall and winter. Style pants with elastic ability and express youthful style, dynamism of the modern woman. In particular, leather pants with shiny surfaces suitable for girls with slim thighs.

    Leather pants help you strongly feel refreshed.

    Don'ts: Limit wearing thin leather leggings and coordinating with crop-top shirt or jacket was too easy recipe for sensitive locations on the body. Nor should you choose texture dress in confusion as it is for the Holloween party.

    Multicolored pants will do the opposite and pains the eyes of people there!

    Do: Wear leggings dress or skirt inside. Not necessarily legging pants, so if that does not just wear leggings combined with a dress or skirt, it would be a big mistake to fashion. This style is very be applied by girls just look what has just refreshed. Set appropriate toys for her well-dressed without fear of faux pas.

    Lots girlfriend coordinated through hip long knitted dress with leggings.

    Skirt with leggings is coordinating relief for those that want to present to her thigh skirt.

    Do not: Pants leggings worn with dress or skirt when accidentally make you look shorter than normal so you should not coordinate with thongs. Low-heeled shoes can be acceptable if you are tall. Add a note, you avoid horizontal stripes leggings chosen because it makes your feet more and shorter segments. Besides, you should not wear dresses too close to highway curves not very proud of.

    Horizontal striped pants make you look shorter.

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    How to coordinate t-shirts and trendy jeans beautiful?

    Should coordinate t-shirts and jeans beautiful so maybe a lot of questions from the girls. Here we would like to share some secrets of combining two popular costumes for dynamic and youthful girls.

    I have a lot of the best ways to coordinate jeans and T-shirts this year. Do you care? If yes, read this article

    If there is an outfit which suits everyone, it's jeans and T-shirts. Thanks for the modern followers of fashion and street fashion star, we have the opportunity to watch these great choices for jeans and T-shirts. There are tons of styles, believe me. Of course, I have set for themselves the most favorite form. Yes, I know, I'm a denim lunatics, always looking for denim fabrics. I wear jeans and even T-shirts at home.

    Speaking of T-shirts, it's the top most stylish oversized models that can even be boxed with jeans boyfriends or skinny. Another thing is the T-shirt printed image. Thanks to modern technology, there are many great designs to choose from. What do you think of jeans and T-shirts? Let us know your opinion.

    A white T-shirt and torn jeans coordination. Complete the outfit with a see-through plastic-rimmed glasses.

    Black blazer jacket will pole with a wonderful white T-shirt coordinate blue skinny pants and pair of loafer in leopard print.

    Costumes inspired boho. We see here a T-shirt printed with a bird associated with torn jeans and a pair of the peep-hugging toe. Completing the outfit with suede shoulder bag tassels.

    Very simple. A white t-shirt and skinny torn knee jeans.

    A white T-shirt is perfect when combined with a tight-fitting pair of jeans torn bear hiding in a pair of light gray flat boots. Complete your outfit with eye glasses Tortoise and denim jacket waist column.

    Happy Valentines Day 2017

    Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in this world. It's Valentine's Day 2017 and what could be a better time to let your dear ones know that you love them. Make them feel special by sending the beautiful valentines gifts of loving words blended with perfect emotions. Send them our Happy Valentine's Day ecards and valentine's day gifts to express your love to your dear ones.

    Which valentines gifts are for the couple or lovers? "You are the King and I am the Queen"! Our store offers valentine t-shirts for the couple and lovers in Valentine's Day with many nice styles and colors.

    Choose valentine's day gifts for your lover!

    Never underestimate the power of a woman shirt

    Do you want to show your individual with quotes "never underestimate the power of ..." printed on t-shirts? When you want to be proud of your power, job, skill, knowledge... you should wear t-shirts with quotes as:  "never underestimate the power of a woman...", "never underestimate an old man..."

    Our store is the best place to find out these quotes printed on t-shirts with many styles and colors.

    Choose a never underestimate t-shirt for you!